We provide an institutional level offering, served within a boutique and entrepreneurial environment.

Flexible Structure Servicing Private Investors, Corporates, Small-Mediun companies and retails clients.

Agnostic Platform with the Industry’s Strongest Partners.

Customized Services.

Senior team (C-Suite, Board Members) with more than 80 years combined experience.

Extensive experience and knowledge of the global Capital Markets.

Client Alignment.

Worldwide Network.

Financial Global Advirory Expertise.

High Standards of Corporate Governance.

Economics Daily Repory.


Who We Are

BlackStreet Management, a global multi-family office that offers diverse financial services throughout Latin America and abroad.

BlackStreet Management is all about producing strong, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions

We keep up-to-date on the intricacies of the financial world while coordinating your companie’s goals, M&A0 plans, raising capital, debt structuring , structure re-organization, curriencie trade, risk management and investment, among others.

Collaborating with your advisors, we bring everyone together to share and achieve best ideas and implementations of clients’ plans.

This comprehensive, solutions-focused oversight and execution plays a crucial role in helping companies effectively navigate challenges.

BlackStreet Management not only helps companies to coordinate sophisticated finacial advisory, we also make sure they’re implemented effectively and with maximum efficiency.

As an integral part of your team and personal CFO or Co- CFO, you can rely on us to proactively coordinate the many facets of your financial world, giving you peace of mind.

By keeping you fully informed, your company will be confident that BlackStreet Management understands your world and is attending to the details.


Our Approach

We Believe in an Institutional-Class Practice

Leading institutional investors including some of the most prominent Families, Private Investors, companies and Institutions have historically attained substantially better long-run, risk-adjusted returns than the average retail investor. In our view, institutional investors have been early adopters of the best academic and industry practices. BlackStreet Management seeks to implement ideas, research, and analytical techniques used by institutional investors. Our goal is to bring these practices to a select handful of clients and deliver them in highly customized solutions.

The hallmark of our approach is the construction of individually customized financial solutions in a total balance sheet context when appropriate and feasible. To do this, we prefer to employ a review of company’s total balance sheet and their corresponding risks, cash flows, liquidity needs and other considerations.


Client Engagements

Limited Number of Client Engagements

Our deeply held belief is that each client is unique. To understand each client’s needs requires substantial energy and time spent learning and understanding each client, including their specific goals, balance sheets, risk appetites, liquidity needs and special projects. Because we believe it is impossible to serve and implement custom solutions with integrity to a large numbers of clients, our goal is to serve only a limited number of companies.

Open Architecture

We choose from what we believe are the best managers, vendors, platforms and solutions for our clients. This open architecture integrates components such as asset managers, FX traders, derivatives traders, relationship managers, private banks, custodians, execution agents and leverage providers. The selection of these vendors is centered on the needs and preferences of the client. For example, managers are selected on the basis of their contribution to the company, not on their willingness to pay commissions or finder’s fees.


Spot & Derivatives
  • Currency Trading
  • FX Forward
  • Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Bond Trading
  • Stocks
Capital Market & Corporate Finance
  • Financial Advisory
  • Restructuring Counsel
  • Debt Structuring
  • M&A
  • Raising Capital
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Capital Market Products
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Asessment
  • Asset Protection
  • Factoring
Real State
  • Oceanview properties
  • Highest Capital Gains
  • Most well-located condos in the area
  • Famous kitesurf, windsurf and surf destination


Las Condes 11700, oficina 201. Las Condes. Santiago. Chile

+56 2 2869 3239

+1 571 303 8868

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