Josefina Chanampa

Josefina studied Economic and Legal Sciences in Argentina, graduated as an Economist, being recognized by obtaining her university degree in the shortest time possible.

She has specialized in finance by studying Financial Investment Management in the Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile. She worked as Associate Retail in the Trading Desk of Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets; also worked as trader of currencies and financial derivatives in differents stockbrokerages in the Chilean market.

Josefina currently leads the commercial team of BlackStreet Management Chile, managing and analyzing investments in currencies, derivatives and forward. She is a full professor of the Chairs of International Economics and Finance II at the School of Accountants and Auditors of Santiago.

In 2016 she participated as an Expositor Economist in the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, exposing on Coverage Instruments and the Current Situation of the World Economy.

In the course of her professional activity, Josefina has specialized in Portfolio Management with Options and Financial Options Trader at the National Technological University of Buenos Aires. In addition, she had certifications of Equity Trader in CAMV and certificates of teacher training.

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